Web Platform 

From a computer with Internet, you will have unlimited access. Just enter with your username and password to monitor and control all of your business’s vehicles on a single screen.


Check vehicle status, including real-time location.


Access maps from Location World, OSM and satellites.


View the online history of a specific vehicle’s last five trips, with information on distances traveled and hours of use.


Remote door unlocking and preventive system blocking (restrictions apply).

Using commands from the platform, you can do preventive system blocking and remotely unlock a vehicle.



Activate important notifications about your vehicle, such as dates for registration renewal, inspections, insurance policy expiration and scheduled maintenance.

CarSync Fleet Appt

Monitor your fleet from your pocket. Download this app from the App Store or Google Play, and access it using your username and password.

  • Download CarSync Fleet

Download CarSync Fleet


CarSync Drive App

You can give your drivers the possibility of downloading CarSync Drive as an additional service so that they can check the vehicles assigned to them, improve their driving habits and access various services using the device already installed

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Download CarSync Drive