10 Reasons for Choosing CarSync  Fleet:

  1. Proven track record, with more than 3000 companies already using CarSync Fleet®.
  2. Fleet costs at least 20% lower.
  3. 25% less unproductive downtime.
  4. 30% better optimization of routes and fleet size.
  5. At least a 25% increase in customer satisfaction.
  6. 15% reduction in fuel and maintenance expenses.
  7. 30% reduction in the risk of accidents.
  8. FCC-certified transportation regulators and telecommunications equipment.
  9. 100% scalable, interoperable cloud platform.
  10. Unlimited access from anywhere.

Functions and Services

Map Services


Google Street *Service at an additional cost

Google Street View *Service at an additional cost

Google Satellite*Service at an additional cost

Google Routing*Service at an additional cost

*Nativo Street (Google o Apple Maps)*Restrictions apply

Setups and Access Profiles


Landmarks (POIS)



Drivers (including Dallas keys)*



Web Tracking

Location in real time and histories

Vehicle and transmission status

Alerts (Push, Email and Feed)


Alert monitoring dashboard

Logistics and transportation (Events)*

Management dashboard

Mobile Tracking App

Histories (1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours)


Driving score by vehicle


Online Reports




Distances traveled

Fuel consumption


CAN bus**

Visit/delivery verification*


Driving score by vehicle

Driving score by driver

Offline Reports

Report on alerts

Lost time in minutes

Consolidated lost time in minutes

Route compliance (lost time in minutes)

Report on stops

History by zone


Remote unlocking

Preventive system blocking

Usage clock (Vehicle operation log in hours)

Odometer (Distance traveled in kilometers)


Stop time

Transmission time adjustment

Service Features 

  • Ideal for vehicles carrying light or heavy loads of freight or passengers, work vehicles, machinery, etc.
  • Monitoring of the vehicle fleet in real time from anywhere (web and/or mobile access)
  • Display of the status of individual fleet vehicles or groups
  • Display of traffic in real time
  • Unlimited access to the platform with different types of up-to-date maps allowing alternative route planning
  • Histories of trips and routes with just one click
  • Monitoring of arrivals and departures in specific zones (geofencing)
  • Automatic verification of visits to specific points of sale and/or customers
  • Monitoring of progress along routes and percentage of red lights
  • Panel of events generated during programmed routes
  • Integration with advanced telematic accessories
  • Catalogs of driver and vehicle oversight
  • Document alerts (registration, vehicle insurance policy, letter of safe conduct, etc.)
  • Access to interactive dashboard
  • Access to different analytical reports
  • Integration with driving scoring